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You be the decide: ought to my boyfriend cease filling our flat with empty water bottles? Categorical Instances

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The prosecution: Lara

I cringe when he picks up a beaten-up plastic bottle within the health club, and I’m sick of seeing them in our flat

My boyfriend John is an virtually skilled gym-goer, and performs soccer each weekend. He’s 6ft 4in and all the time exercising. He continuously will get stopped by different guys, who ask him for exercise and muscle-building suggestions. Health is his life.

John works in accounting however the health club, counting his protein and sustaining his construct, is his side-hustle. However regardless of this, he’s opposed to purchasing a correct water bottle. He carries round an enormous plastic one and solely replaces it each month or so. I discover it disgusting and there are all the time a lot of empty plastic bottles mendacity round our flat.

I believe carrying round a plastic water bottle is much less hygienic than having a stainless-steel one which you could exchange and wash. Chrome steel bottles are additionally method higher for the atmosphere and simply look good. It’s a bit infantile to hold a plastic bottle in public on a regular basis. Everybody on the health club has a pleasant, thermal insulated water bottle nowadays – besides John.

I cringe when he picks up a beaten-up plastic one with the label peeling off and takes a swig of the lukewarm water. I nag him to exchange it, however he’ll simply say, “It’s high-quality”.

John will go away the previous plastic water bottle in our sizzling automobile, or out within the solar, and I fear about how sensible that’s when it hasn’t been changed for just a few weeks. The longest he stored one plastic water bottle was three months. I threw it out myself ultimately.

I’ve despatched him hyperlinks to chrome steel water bottles he might purchase, however he says they’re too costly, or that I’m forcing him to make a change he doesn’t deem vital. Nonetheless, investing in a bottle goes to be cheaper in contrast with continuously shopping for water within the long-run. We’ve been collectively a yr and I’m considering of shopping for him one for his birthday, however I additionally barely resent the thought of doing that, as I reckon it needs to be on John.

I don’t wish to power him to do it, however I’m additionally sick of taking a look at plastic bottles in our flat. Certainly readers will agree that it is sensible for John to spend money on a correct bottle himself.

The defence: John

It’ll take two years for a metal water bottle to pay for itself. Nobody however Lara thinks my plastic ones are gross

I’ll effectively find yourself investing in a stainless-steel water bottle, however I don’t wish to be compelled into doing it. I’ve by no means had one and I assume they’re costly for what they’re. It’s true that I spend a whole lot of time within the health club, however I’ve all the time fared completely effectively reusing plastic water bottles. I used to be doing it earlier than Lara and I met, and a part of the rationale I don’t care a lot about switching it up is as a result of nobody has ever pointed it out as annoying or gross earlier than. It’s only a water bottle.

Lara says I’ll lower your expenses within the long-run if I purchase a stainless-steel one, however they value about £25 nowadays, and I solely change up my plastic water bottle each month or so, and they’re nonetheless solely £1. By that maths it’ll take me greater than two years for the bottle to be value the associated fee.

Nonetheless, Lara jogs my memory that I can even have invested in my well being throughout that point as she worries concerning the high quality of water sloshing round in an previous plastic bottle, and I do get that. I might extra frequently wash a water bottle product of metal or bamboo or no matter they’re product of nowadays. However then once more, that’s a lot of trouble.

I desire shopping for a bottle of water from the store, and shopping for one other one after I wish to exchange it. Sure it’s not probably the most environmentally pleasant stance however that’s why I solely exchange it each month or so. The one time I stored a bottle for 3 months was an exception – I believe I forgot to vary it as a result of it was holding up so effectively. Lara says there are many water bottles in our flat and that’s true. I like to only seize one and fill it up earlier than I work out, however when it’s time to throw them out, I all the time recycle them. I see guys in my native health club ingesting from plastic water bottles, too, so I don’t assume it’s fairly as taboo as Lara makes out.

Lara is all the time telling me that it’s an “ick” after I drink from my plastic water bottle. I discover that a little bit annoying. There’s a lot of stuff males can’t do nowadays with out apparently turning girls off: ingesting water from a bottle designed for that very objective shouldn’t be one among them.

The jury of Guardian readers

Ought to John get a correct water bottle?

Certain, John needs to be extra accountable about eliminating previous bottles, however most moldable water bottles are recyclable and he will get a great use out of every one. Lara appears extra involved concerning the aesthetics than ensuring he drinks sufficient water for his stage of exercise.
Becca, 44

John is a idiot to not settle for such light criticism graciously. Within the Pacific there’s a plastic “island” the dimensions of Texas made up of discarded plastic and waste. If John spent £25 on a everlasting bottle, he’d be sure that to not overlook it within the automobile or health club.
Anthony, 68

Well being consultants and environmentalists warn towards reusing plastic bottles. There are countless well being ramifications that ought to ring alarm bells for John. Simply get him a brand new bottle, Lara, and see it as a win.
Vanessa, 64

I transformed to metallic bottles a very long time in the past and have by no means seemed again. Plastic bottles can grow to be dangerous with repeated use, so for those who’re a well being freak it is a no-brainer. General, I’ve saved cash, minimised my contribution to air pollution and am more healthy for it. Put your delight apart, John.
Marcos, 28

Lara ought to personal the actual cause she hates plastic bottles, specifically she thinks they give the impression of being irresponsible/trashy. John clearly hasn’t been sick up to now, however he might compromise by solely having one bottle at a time within the flat.
Rosemarie, 61

Now you be the decide

In our on-line ballot, inform us: ought to John get a metallic water bottle?

Final week’s end result

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96% of you mentioned sure – Bernard is responsible

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