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Xbox and PlayStation are each a shame to gaming proper now – Reader’s Function Specific Instances

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Are they each letting followers down? (Image: Damian Dovarganes)

A reader is annoyed by the angle and actions of each Microsoft and Sony and accuses them of now not caring about their clients.

There’s a lot anger and bitterness in gaming in the mean time, and it’s solely going to worsen in any case these Microsoft leaks that show the sleazy side of being a giant multinational used to buying its way to success. Of course, the only difference with Sony is that they haven’t got as much money but I’m genuinely surprised that anyone has the energy to stick up for either company at the moment, since as far as I’m concerned they’ve both been a disgrace lately.

I’ll have to explain what I mean, so you know where I’m coming from, but none of this is going to be a surprise. Watching Microsoft spending tens of billions of dollars on publishers that make nothing but mediocre crowd-pleasers is painful, especially as they bully governmental officials to get their way and stretch the truth to breaking point while trying to make their arguments.

The leaked emails make it very clear that things like The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity were decided years ago, that they’re not actually interested in cloud gaming at all at the moment, and that they treat industry giants like Nintendo as nothing more than another asset to acquire and absorb.

Starfield’s review controversy may be more Bethesda than Microsoft, but the fact is Bethesda are Microsoft’s responsibility now and they don’t seem to have done anything to reel them in. That’s caused the Starfield launch to be soured in a way they’ve got no one but themselves to blame.

And then there’s Sony, who are if anything acting even more arrogantly than Microsoft. PlayStation 5 sales are better than ever and so they seem to have decided that if doing and saying nothing has worked for the last eight months then why not just carry on doing that, rather than risk changing the current status quo.

The end result is that one of Sony’s most successful years as a console manufacturer has been one of the most boring to be a PlayStation owner. I have both an Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 but if I only had an Xbox it wouldn’t have changed what games I played this year one bit. Maybe I’ll get Spider-Man 2 next month, but the half-hearted effort Sony is making of promoting hasn’t got me excited for it yet.

And once that’s out, what next? No single-player games, as far as we know, and even the flood of live service games that have been threatened still haven’t been shown off yet. When is all this going to end? We all keep thinking the drought will end in only a month or so but every time we’re proven wrong and now there’s a very good chance we won’t hear anything new until next year.

It’s as if the mask has come off and both companies no longer bother to pretend that they care what we think. Never has it been more obvious that these companies just see us open wallets, to be dipped into whenever they want and with as little justification or reward as possible. And certainly not with any respect.

I’m sure Nintendo aren’t much better behind the scenes but at least they have the decency to hide the fact. Either way, suddenly I’m much more interested in the Switch 2 than I thought I was going to be…

By reader Nali

PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles

Are they both as bad as each other? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

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