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Starfield isn’t for everybody however it’s for me – Reader’s Function Categorical Instances

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Starfield – opinions could differ (Image: Bethesda)

A reader explains why he’s having fun with Bethesda’s new sci-fi game so much and why he’s willing to forgive its various faults.

Very minor spoilers for Starfield ahead. Nothing on the main story at all, other than the very start of the game.

I am now a day deep into Starfield. What can be said, for better or worse? Bethesda has made the game you think it will be. Rightly or wrongly Bethesda make the games they make. Given Oblivion was March 2006 they don’t release games often.

No one makes games like this, other than Bethesda. There have been a couple of attempts but nothing on the scope scale and quality (bugs aside) of these games.

The benchmark for sci-fi games is a high one (Mass Effect 2 is still my favourite game.) As is the benchmark for other Bethesda games; Fallout 3 despite its technical issues is one hell of a game.

The bad stuff out the way first, the plot is literally Mass Effect: find an alien artifact, get a vision, start on a quest across space. Encumbrance; I feel like moaning about this in a Bethesda game is like the old man shouting at the sky, they want to add it so they do. Does it make the game better? No, but it ain’t going to change.

Does the world feel real? Well, not really. It’s more like a diorama, if you look at it from the right angle then yeah it looks real but poke at it a little and you can see the cracks. For example, I had to do one mission stealthy and when that failed I just ran to the exit without hurting anyone, when I turned in the quest they docked my pay because they said I killed people.

You also get into the times the logic of the situation makes little sense.

That all being said, you want to be a bounty hunter, go for it. A space pirate? Loot away. Want to be a smuggler, you can be! I’m nearly 26 hours in and I’ve done two whole main quest missions.

I have taken part in being a double agent, I’ve double and triple-crossed people, I’ve taken part in corporate espionage, I’ve hacked and picked my way into safes and computers (the mini-game for this might be my fave mini-game in any game).

As with every Bethesda game it’s the side stories that make it come alive, from finding the Space Batcave to a sentient AI and that is barely scratching the surface.

It is a game you have to play on its terms and I can’t think of many other game companies that do that. I can understand why some people would bounce of it but I can also see why some, myself included, will sink a lot of hours into it.

By reader Mark

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