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Sonic x Shadow Generations is new remaster at State of Play says hearsay Specific Instances

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Sonic Generations might get a brand new look and a brand new fancy identify (Image: YouTube)

Rumours of a Sonic Generations remaster are rising, in addition to PS5 and PC versions of Until Dawn at Sony’s State of Play on Wednesday.

On Monday Sony confirmed its State of Play showcase will be held this Wednesday and will last for over 40 minutes, with ‘feature guest appearances from some of the most talented minds in gaming.’

The confirmed games Sony wants to highlight are first party titles Stellar Blade, by Korean studio Shift Up, and Rise Of The Rōnin, by Team Ninja.

However, there are also rumours of a remaster of 2011’s Sonic Generations. That seems even more likely now, as news leaks that the Sonic remaster is titled Sonic x Shadow Generations.

It was video game researcher Kurakasis who said that Sonic x Shadow Generations was likely to be the name of the upcoming remaster earlier today on Twitter.

The rumour was later confirmed by Nintendo journalist ‘Necro’ Felipe, who replied to the tweet simply saying: ‘This is accurate.’

Shadow was always a part of the original game but the name suggests that he will play a more prominent role in the new version, which in term implies new levels and content.

Another rumour circling around the presentation is a remaster of 2015’s Until Dawn, which has caught new wind in its sails as well.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Naceri Lu, the animation director worked on Until Dawn while at developer Virtuos in 2020, for both console and PC.

The profile states that he also worked on projects including Bloodline 2, Star Wars: Hunters, and Until Dawn, among others.

There’s no guarantee either rumour is true but they’re not the sort of thing you’d expect anyone to make up for fun, the only real question is whether there’s a last minute decision not to announce them this week.

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