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Overview: Radeon 7600 XT gives peace of thoughts by way of a lot of RAM, stays a midrange GPU Specific Occasions

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We do not want a protracted intro for this one: AMD’s new Radeon RX 7600 XT is sort of precisely the identical as final 12 months’s RX 7600, however with a light bump to the GPU’s clock velocity and 16GB of reminiscence as an alternative of 8GB. It additionally prices $329 as an alternative of $269, the present MSRP (and present avenue worth) for the common RX 7600.

It is a card with a fairly slim target market: people who find themselves frightened about shopping for a GPU with 8GB of reminiscence, however who aren’t frightened sufficient about future-proofing or RAM necessities to purchase a extra highly effective GPU. It is priced moderately properly, no less than—$60 is so much to pay for further reminiscence, however $329 was the MSRP for the Radeon RX 6600 again in 2021. If you would like extra reminiscence in a current-generation card, you in any other case typically want to leap up into the $450 vary (for the 12GB RX 7700 XT or the 16GB RTX 4060 Ti) or past.

RX 7700 XT RX 7600 RX 7600 XT RX 6600 RX 6600 XT RX 6650 XT RX 6750 XT
Compute items (Stream processors) 54 (3,456) 32 (2,048) 32 (2,048) 28 (1,792) 32 (2,048) 32 (2,048) 40 (2,560)
Enhance Clock 2,544 MHz 2,600 MHz 2,760 MHz 2,490 MHz 2,589 MHz 2,635 MHz 2,600 MHz
Reminiscence Bus Width 192-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 192-bit
Reminiscence Clock 2,250 MHz 2,250 MHz 2,250 MHz 1,750 MHz 2,000 MHz 2,190 MHz 2,250 MHz
Reminiscence dimension 12GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 16GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6 12GB GDDR6
Whole board energy (TBP) 245 W 165 W 190 W 132 W 160 W 180 W 250 W

The actual fact of the matter is that this is identical silicon we have already seen. The clock velocity bumps do present a small across-the-board efficiency uplift, and the influence of the additional RAM does turn into obvious in a couple of of our assessments. However the card would not essentially alter the AMD-vs-Nvidia-vs-Intel dynamic within the $300-ish graphics card market, although it addresses a few the common RX 7600’s most evident weaknesses.

Efficiency and energy

AMD’s official spec sheet for the 7600 XT advertises a 9.8 p.c GPU sport clock improve in comparison with the common 7600, and a 3.8 p.c enhance clock improve. In most instances, with the XFX card we examined, efficiency enhancements in most video games had been firmly in that low-single-digit vary at each 1080p and 1440p.

One broad exception to this, and one particular exception, based mostly on the assessments we have run: Usually, video games with heavy ray-tracing results—Cyberpunk and Returnal, particularly—improved greater than the non ray-traced video games we examined; at 1080p, we noticed high-single-digit enhancements, and at 1440p we really measured double-digit velocity will increase. That is, sadly, not sufficient to make the RX 7600 XT’s ray-tracing efficiency notably nice, or aggressive with the RTX 4060 operating on the similar resolutions and settings.

However there’s just one that reveals a crystal-clear signal of video memory-related issues: Forza Horizon 5, which at 1440p begins throwing low-memory warnings on 8GB Radeon playing cards (it would not appear to have the identical points with 8GB Nvidia playing cards, no less than not as visibly; chalk it as much as video games being better-optimized for the GPU market chief, possibly). This manifests as scores that look decrease than they “ought to,” and an absence of enchancment (and even some backsliding) if you attempt to use FSR or XeSS upscaling.

The 16GB 7600 XT is a whopping 28 p.c quicker than the 7600 right here, and almost 62 p.c quicker when you flip FSR on. That is an enormous enchancment for the cash! Although it is also not almost consultant of the conduct you may see from most video games.

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