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Ninja and Asmongold amongst Twitch stars flocking to Palworld Categorical Instances

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Twitch streamer Ninja is on the Palworld hype practice (Image: Twitch)

Over 2 million followers are enjoying Palworld on Steam, and over 200,000 individuals are watching a few of Twitch’s biggest streamers enjoy it.

Since its release last week Palworld has already sold several million copies and is on its way to becoming this year’s biggest surprise hit, with the numbers ballooning with each passing day.

Palworld has now managed to surpass the all-time peak concurrent player count of Dota 2 (1,295,114), Lost Ark (1,325,305), and Counter-Strike 2 (1,818,773) on Steam, and is only second to PUBG: Battlegrounds (3,257,248).

The adventure survival game is also in the process of taking over streaming platform Twitch, where it’s currently the third most viewed game, with a whopping 241,000 viewers – with many of the site’s top streamers playing it.

Gaming streamers are always on the look out for what’s new and trending, so they can attract more viewers while playing it, and right now that’s Palworld.

With 241,000 viewers, Palworld sits above League Of Legends, Counter-Strike 2, and Fortnite, and only below GTA 5 and the Just Chatting section on Twitch. Which means, actually, it’s the second most viewed, as Just Chatting isn’t a game.

According to SteamDB, Palworld peaked at 2,018,905 players on PC, and with the momentum it’s got it might just catch PUBG: Battlegrounds in the end.

Those kind of numbers are what streamers are looking for, and the Palworld hype train has big names like Ninja, CohhCarnage, PirateSoftware, Zackrawrr (Asmongold’s second channel), Forsen, and former Apex Legends pro Aceu onboard.

Palworld is taking over the world (Picture: SteamDB)

Palworld is taking over the world (Picture: SteamDB)

These streamers often average between 10,000 and 20,000 viewers and have millions of followers, which is only helping to boost Palworld’s success even more.

It’s no surprise streamers are jumping on, as no other game on PC is more popular right now than Palworld, according to SteamDB, with 1.8 million players, towering over second place Counter-Strike 2 with 860,000 players.

Looking closer at the SteamDB data, there are very few games with a peak player count of 500,000 or more that became irrelevant, which is another good sign for developer Pocketpair.

Games like New World, Valheim, and Goose Goose Duck still averages 20,000 to 30,000 players on a daily basis on PC, even if that’s far lower than their initial recods.

The early days for Palworld couldn’t have gone any better, as the player count and viewership on Twitch are signs of a hugely popular game. Although there is the danger of financial action from Nintendo looming over the game…

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