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Man killed by elephant in Pandalur in Gudalur Categorical Instances

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A 50-year-old man died after being attacked by an elephant in Pandalur in Gudalur forest division on Saturday night.

The mortal stays of Ramamurthy, resident of Pandalur, was discovered on Sunday morning. Forest division officers stated he had ventured right into a patch of reserve forest to assemble firewood for his house.

When he did not return on Saturday night, his household notified the forest division and Devala police, who launched a search.

Round 700 meters inside a patch of reserve forest, forest division employees discovered Ramamurthy’s physique. He had seemingly suffered severe accidents after being attacked by a herd of elephants. The forest division employees observed elephant footprints close to the physique of the deceased.

Additionally they noticed a herd of elephants close by, and consider that Ramamoorthy might need been attacked when he ventured too near the herd.

That is the second dying attributable to damaging human-elephant interactions in Gudalur inside the span of every week. Forest division officers stated that regardless of warnings to native residents to not trespass into forested areas to gather firewood, the warnings typically go unheeded, resulting in damaging human-elephant interactions.

They added that compensation could be given to the following of kin of the deceased.

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