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Low salt consumption practically kills 60-year-old, docs advise regular salt consumption Categorical Occasions

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A 60-year-old man Maneesh (title modified), was rushed to the emergency room in an unconscious state. Astonishingly, he had been completely fantastic the earlier night time. Given his historical past of blood strain remedy, docs have been prompted to contemplate another analysis, eagerly awaiting the outcomes of a selected blood take a look at.

The next report confirmed the physician’s suspicions, revealing an alarming drop in Mr. Maneesh’s blood sodium ranges. His sodium focus had plummeted to 105 (regular vary is 135-145). This marked a extreme case of hyponatremia, a situation characterised by a dangerously low sodium focus within the blood, mentioned Dr. Sudhir Kumar, a neurologist at Apollo Hospitals Jubilee Hills who attended to the affected person.

“Upon investigating the potential causes of this situation with the affected person’s son, we discovered that he had considerably diminished his salt consumption. Influenced by recommendation from mates who warned in opposition to salt consumption on account of its impression on blood strain, Mr. Maneesh’s household doctor had additionally suggested the identical,” mentioned Dr. Sudhir.

The primary components contributing to the harmful drop in sodium ranges have been recognized as inadequate salt consumption and the lack of salt by way of urine, stemming from the usage of blood strain remedy, particularly hydrochlorothiazide.

In response to a latest report from the Indian Council of Medical Analysis (ICMR), the day by day salt consumption in India averages eight grams, with disparities noticed amongst males (8.9 grams/day) and girls (7.1 grams/day). These values surpass the World Well being Organisation’s (WHO) suggestion of a day by day salt consumption of as much as 5 grams. The research additionally revealed greater salt consumption amongst males, residents in rural areas, and people who have been obese or overweight.

Mr. Maneesh’s therapy concerned a 3% saline infusion, which resulted in a gradual restoration over the next 48 hours. He was efficiently faraway from the ventilator, and by the fourth day, he had returned to his regular state and was discharged to his residence. Dr. Sudhir suggested Mr. Maneesh to keep up an everyday salt consumption in his food regimen and made changes to his blood strain drugs. “Most individuals with excessive BP have to eat regular salt as a part of their food regimen,” he added.

“The consumption of 5 grams salt per day needn’t essentially be from a single supply as we eat salt in lots of types. The water we drink additionally incorporates sodium. One other factor to be focussed on is the fortification of salt in India. That is completed to sort out deficiency of iron and iodine amongst all age teams. Double fortified salt (DFS) is a type of desk salt manufactured with added iron and iodine. The iron and iodine may be consumed from another supply,” mentioned Dr Kiran Madala, Scientific Committee member to IMA Telangana.

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