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I simply watched Trendy Warfare 3 on YouTube – it took lower than 4 hours Categorical Occasions

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Who knew the three was a reference to the run-time? (Image: Activision)

A reader is appalled to seek out that the story marketing campaign for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 lasts barely more than three and a half hours.

We’ve all known what’s going on with Modern Warfare 3 for months now – the fact that it’s blatantly just DLC they were going to sell separately, that they’ve suddenly spliced together with a barely changed multiplayer mode and pretended is a proper game. It’s as dreadful as it is obvious and the only thing that surprises me is how bad Activision has been at hiding it.

Naturally, I didn’t buy it – I certainly didn’t pre-order it – but as a former (current? I’m not really sure anymore) fan I was interested enough to watch it on YouTube. I think it says it all when I reveal that the video for that lasts for precisely three hours, 37 minutes, and one second. That’s it, that’s the whole campaign that you’re meant to spend full price for, together with the knocked together multiplayer.

I don’t know if the video will still be up by the time you read this, I’ve given GC the link and the guy says he was given the copy by Activision so I assume they’re okay with it. Although I can’t imagine why, or why they allowed people to play the campaign mode a week early if they pre-ordered. Why a week? You only need three and a half hours to see it all!


The fact that this travesty of a game is the first entry to be released after Microsoft bought Activision is kind of hilarious. If you thought Microsoft trying to paint Bethesda as the greatest developer in the world was going a bit far the things, they’ve been saying about Activision are even more cringe.

They do make good games, I’m not denying that – I’ve bought a lot of them – but they’re also the most conniving and money-grabbing publisher out there, probably even worse than EA. All they care about is their profits and the only reason their games are good is that, when all things are equal, they figure that’s the best way to make more cash.

All things were not equal this year, as Activision didn’t have a proper new game ready so they immediately gave up any pretence of providing proper value for money, or making something that stands on its own, and just slapped together whatever they could and put a full price sticker on it.

I’d love to hear new owner Microsoft defend any of this, but of course they won’t. Although it will be fun to watch them avoiding commenting on it over the next few months, because of course they know it’s indefensible.

And for the record… the campaign looks really bad. The story doesn’t amount to anything and the missions are weird, where they just look like the multiplayer with extra objectives slapped on top – not proper story missions at all.

Of course, I haven’t played it myself, so I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you that I definitely won’t ever be paying for it. Now I’ve watched it, I don’t think it’s even worth going through for free on Game Pass.

By reader Tolly

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