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Eye-popping DuckDuckGo Statistics 2023: Quantifying Success Categorical Instances

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Looking on-line doesn’t should compromise your privateness. DuckDuckGo is proof of that. It competes with Google, a data-hungry large, since 2008. And tens of millions have flocked to it. Why? In contrast to different search engines like google and yahoo, DuckDuckGo doesn’t monitor or profile customers. While you search, you’re nameless. There aren’t any filter bubbles. No manipulative adverts following you round. You solely see the knowledge you’re searching for.

On-line privateness demand is huge and rising. Right this moment, extra individuals are waking as much as the significance of information independence. DuckDuckGo rides that wave.

The search engine is predicted to serve over 30 billion non-public searches in 2023. Its consumer base now tops 100 million worldwide. Market share has quadrupled since 2016. This text focuses on DuckDuckGo statistics for 2023, protecting its consumer base, search visitors statistics, market share, consumer demographics, and so forth. Let’s dive in.

DuckDuckGo Key Statistics

1. Statistics present that DuckDuckGo witnessed over 10 million downloads of its cellular app in October 2023.

2. DuckDuckGo studies that 49% of its customers are from the US.

3. Within the 1st quarter of 2023, the search engine had a 0.721% market share with Google and eight.043% with out Google.

4. DuckDuckGo processes round 3 billion searches in a month, estimated to have over 100 million customers.

5. The corporate information greater than $100 million in annual revenues.

6. Statistics present over 6 million individuals use the corporate’s Chrome extension utility.

7. In 2023, the corporate has a 0.71% share within the international search engine market and a 2.11% share within the US.

8. In January 2023, DuckDuckGo recorded a each day search quantity of greater than 110 million.

9. In April 2023, the corporate found that each day search quantity dropped beneath 100 million for the primary time this yr.

10. In line with statistics, ‘Grownup’ and ‘Information’ are DuckDuckGo’s high looking pursuits amongst customers

11. DuckDuckGo has 73.3% male customers, and half are beneath 34.

12. The privateness search engine, which you’ll usually see as primary on many reliable lists on-line, holds a 2nd place in market shares for cellular search within the US and 18 different nations.

Statistics on DuckDuckGo Search Site visitors

DuckDuckGo Search Traffic

13. Between 2010 and 2021, DuckDuckGo processed over 200 billion search queries.

14. In 2010, it processed about 16.4 million searches, and as much as 35.3 billion search queries in 2021. This resulted in an additional 18.9 billion searches processed above the worth recorded in 2021. With this, the search engine is gaining extra recognition and consumer curiosity.

15. Earlier than the top of 2022, it processed as much as 23.35 billion search queries, validating the expansion in adoption.

16. Statistics present that DuckDuckGo has recorded regular development in common each day searches between 2010 and 2022.

17. In 2020, it processed an common each day searches of 64.8 million and 96.7 million in 2021. 

18. In 2022, it additionally had a mean each day search of 99.7 million.

19. This offers an increment of three.05% and 54% from the common each day search of 2020 and 2022, respectively.

20. The corporate additionally recorded a corresponding enhance in annual search tendencies between 2010 and 2022.

21. DuckDuckGo processed 35.30 billion annual searches in 2021, representing a development of 1.49 occasions the worth it had in 2020.

22. Once more, in 2022, the search engine processed extra yearly search queries than in 2021, with a distinction of 1.08 billion searches. The desk beneath exhibits the common each day and annual search tendencies recorded by DuckDuckGo from 2010 to 2022.

Yr Day by day Searches Yearly Searches 
2010 45.0 thousand 16.41 million
2011 272.2 thousand 99.35 million
2012 1.4 million 496.24 million
2013 2.8 million 1.03 billion
2014 5.4 million 1.97 billion
2015 8.6 million 3.14 billion
2016 11.2 million 4.09 billion
2017 16.2 million 5.92 billion
2018 25.3 million 9.24 billion
2019 41.3 million 15.08 billion
2020 64.8 million 23.65 billion
2021 96.7 million 35.30 billion
2022 99.7 million 36.38 billion

Variety of Customers on DuckDuckGo

Number of Users

23. The privateness safety high quality of DuckDuckGo makes it difficult to determine the precise variety of customers it has because it doesn’t monitor customers.

24. In 2018, Seotribunal analysis confirmed that individuals carry out about 3 to 4 each day searches. With this, it additionally estimated that roughly 30 million each day customers on DuckDuckGo.

25. In 2023, DuckDuckGo estimated it has greater than 100 million customers primarily based on the variety of search queries per thirty days.

26. Similarweb, a recognized information analytics software, exhibits that the “Grownup” class is the most looking curiosity amongst DuckDuckGo customers.

27. The highest consumer looking curiosity by subject on DuckDuckGo is “Information.”

Demographics of Customers on DuckDuckGo

Demographics of Users

28. In line with statistics, DuckDuckGo information 73.3% male customers, with half beneath 34 years of age.

29. Feminine customers solely account for 26.7% of the full customers on the privateness search engine.

30. Customers throughout the 65 and above age group make up 8.93% of DuckDuckGo’s whole variety of customers on the desktop.

31. DuckDuckGo has the 25 to 34 age group of its customers as the biggest group that makes use of the search engine.

32. The 25 to 34 age group accounts for 26.42% of DuckDuckGo desktop customers.

33. The second largest age group of customers on DuckDuckGo is eighteen to 24, making up 19.37% of all DuckDuckGo’s desktop customers.

34. It was found that a lot of the customers on DuckDuckGo are from the US, making up 49% of its whole customers

35. About 5.36% and 5.12% of DuckDuckGo’s customers come from the UK and Germany, respectively.

36. The corporate will get 4.48% of its customers from Canada and a pair of.48% from France.

Web site Site visitors Statistics

Website Traffic Statistics

37. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo ranked 16 most visited web sites worldwide and 9 within the US.

38. It additionally recorded 4.25 billion web site visitors, a 25.8% enhance above the worth in August 2023.

39. Between July and September 2023, DuckDuckGo had greater than 9 billion net visitors.

40. In September 2023, a lot of the web site visitors on DuckDuckGo got here from the US.

41. The US accounted for the two.14 billion web visitors, with about 50.4% of whole visitors from all nations that visited the web site.

DuckDuckGo World Search Engine Market Share

Global Search Engine Market Share

42. Statistics present that in September 2023, DuckDuckGo had a 0.58% share within the international search engine market.

43. In July 2022, the firm recorded a 0.71% search engine market share worldwide.

44. The worth has dropped by 0.13% in 2023. 

45. Gadgets’ market share in July 2022 consists of 0.99% from desktops, 1.07% from tablets, and 0.56% from cellphones.

46. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo’s market shares by units embrace 0.73% from desktops, 0.85% from tablets, and 0.51% from cellphones.

47. DuckDuckGo recorded a 2.16% search engine market share from desktops within the US in September 2023.

48. The US additionally recorded a 2.83% and 1.86% search engine market share from tablets and cellphones, respectively.

49. In September 2023, the firm received a 0.6% market share in Oceania in opposition to the 0.75% it had in July 2022. This exhibits that the market share dropped by 0.15% in Oceania.

50. DuckDuckGo recorded a 1.65% market share in North America as of September 2023, in opposition to the two.11% share the search engine had in July 2022.

51. In Africa, the corporate had a 0.06% market share in September 2023, beneath the 0.11% share it received in July 2022. With this worth, the search engine had a market share decline of 0.05% in Africa.

52. In September 2023, DuckDuckGo recorded one other drop in market share with a price of 0.58% in opposition to the 0.64% it had in July 2022.

53. DuckDuckGo’s decline in market share was additionally noticed in South America.

54. It had a 0.11% share in September 2023, beneath the 0.12% search engine market share recorded in July 2022.

Statistics for Extensions and Apps

Statistics for Extensions and Apps

55. The search engine providers might be obtained through its web site, cellular apps, and Chrome browser extension.

56. Statistics present over 6 million individuals will use DuckDuckGo’s Chrome extension utility in 2023.

57. The corporate’s app on Google Play had greater than 10 million downloads on October 9, 2023.

58. Within the 1st quarter of 2021, statistics present that DuckDuckGo’s browser was the most downloaded on Android units.

59. The DuckDuckGo app and extension are the 2nd most downloaded browsers on iOS within the 1st quarter of 2021.

DuckDuckGo Income

DuckDuckGo Revenue

60. DuckDuckGo makes cash by means of affiliate advertising and marketing and promoting.

61. Statistics present that the corporate has damaged even since 2014 and information an annual income of over $100 million.

Advantages of Utilizing DuckDuckGo Search Engine

Benefits of DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo search engine offers customers with a variety of advantages, particularly within the facet of information safety.
  • It offers customers a clear looking interface and absolute privateness when looking the online for some items of data.
  • Once more, the privacy-oriented search engine prevents focused adverts and offers customers with unbiased outcomes for search queries.
  • Furthermore, DuckDuckGo prevents social engineering in search queries.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that ensures information safety and privateness to web customers. Contemplating this uniqueness, the search engine has recorded over 10 million downloads of its cellular app. It additionally recorded regular development in common each day searches and annual search queries between 2010 and 2022. The search engine has additionally demonstrated dedication to its information safety dogma by stopping focused adverts on its platform. Nevertheless, DuckDuckGo is much less well-liked than its rivals — Google and Bing. Between 2022 and 2023, its international search engine market share dropped, however the purpose for the decline is unknown.


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