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UFO sightings: We should maintain Washington ‘accountable’ on investigations, ex-Navy pilot says Categorical Instances

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  • Extra pauses and renewed preventing in Gaza are ‘inevitable,’ says Richard Haass


  • 1701467270863 now mtp clip brennan 231201 1920x1080 z59ajv

    Israel shouldn’t have rested Hamas battle plan ‘on the shelf,’ John Brennan says


  • 1701468066982 now mtp full dasha 231201 1920x1080

    DeSantis-Newsom debate showcased two ‘very totally different’ governors and visions for the longer term


  • 1701532801315 mtp full mtpr704 231201 1920x1080 b8tzt4

    UFO: Is the reality on the market? | Meet the Press Studies


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    UFO sightings: We should maintain Washington ‘accountable’ on investigations, ex-Navy pilot says



    1701532800497 mtp clip mtpr704 panel 231201 1920x1080

    GOP lawmaker requires transparency on UFOs: ‘Our public needs to know what’s happening’


  • 1701468188071 now mtp full panel 231201 1920x1080

    Full Panel: Newsom ‘animated’ Biden’s 2024 protection with ‘fireplace,’ ‘reality,’ ‘punch’ and ‘ardour’


  • 1701467945809 now mtp clip oconnor 231201 1920x1080 m6ldyd

    Sandra Day O’Connor remembered because the Supreme Court docket’s swing vote on key points


  • 1701465247053 now mtp clip a2 231201 1920x1080 5ce634

    Blinken blames Hamas for breaking Israel truce


  • 1701382107911 now mtp full reportermitchell 231130 1920x1080

    China was Henry Kissinger’s ‘greatest play’ and ‘largest legacy’


  • 1701381896535 now mtp full havron 231130 1920x1080 y3pu6q

    A few of the little one hostages have come again ‘whispering,’ says Israeli hostage member of the family


  • 1701381444674 now mtp clip mtpmkissinger 231130 1920x1080 ssg8pl

    Remembering Henry Kissinger: Former sec. of State appeared on Meet the Press 15 instances


  • 1701380901180 now mtp full panel 231130 1920x1080 o0bv73

    Full Panel: Nikki Haley ‘nonetheless operating for second place’ regardless of gaining momentum


  • 1701379893721 now mtp full oleary 231130 1920x1080

    Hamas is treating hostages ‘as forex,’ says fmr. director of U.S. hostage rescue


  • 1701379789923 now mtp full miller 231130 1920x1080 1e4s6t

    U.S., Center East tensions may ‘get means out of hand,’ former negotiator says


  • 1701294977421 now mtp full munoz 231129 1920x1080

    ‘Polls don’t vote, voters do,’ says Biden marketing campaign spokesperson


  • 1701293677688 now mtp full spielman 231129 1920x1080 j4tc2e

    Israel ‘completely prepared’ to proceed battle after truce with Hamas ends, IDF spokesperson says


  • 1701293284054 now mtp full onn 231129 1920x1080 zgelfr

    ‘They did not get sufficient meals’ or ‘see the solar,’ cousin of launched hostages says


  • 1701210432054 now mtp full haley 231128 1920x1080 2it7a7

    Anti-Trump community backed by Charles Koch picks Haley over DeSantis


  • 1701209143720 now mtp full bennet 231128 1920x1080 9z4e9r

    Full Bennet: ‘Israel ought to meet … excessive commonplace’ for safeguarding civilians throughout battle


For years, America’s fervor for non-human, alien life got here from motion pictures. Now, it’s fueled partially by video footage from the U.S. authorities. A former Navy pilot discusses his encounters with UAPs and advocacy for higher authorities transparency concerning investigations into such objects. Scientists Robert Powell and James Webb weigh in on mysterious sightings.

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