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From COVID to aliens, conspiracy theories widespread in Canada: Survey Categorical Occasions

Breadcrumb Path HyperlinksCanadaCreator of the article:Canadian PressSarah RitchiePrinted Dec 03, 2023  •  4 minute learn Article content materialOTTAWA — The Earth...

Huge exoplanet orbiting small star upends planet formation theories Specific Occasions

Join CNN’s Surprise Principle science publication. Discover the universe with information on fascinating discoveries, scientific developments and extra.Astronomers are questioning the theories of planet...

Neptune-Mass Exoplanet round Ultracool Dwarf Star Challenges Present Theories of Planet Formation | Sci.Information Specific Instances

Present theories predict that low-mass stars ought to hardly ever host planets with lots exceeding that of Neptune (17 Earth lots). An artist’s impression...

Individuals Share True Details That Sound Like Conspiracy Theories Categorical Instances

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Unprecedented discovery appears to defy basic astronomical theories Categorical Occasions

New photos from the James Webb Area Telescope have revealed shocking pairs of...

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