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GTA 6 is being teased by somebody who could or my not be the principle actor Specific Instances

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That is all getting very meta (Image: Instagram)

Rumours about GTA 6 have become full-on performance art, as the man fans think is the game’s main actor teams up with Franklin from GTA 5.

GTA 6 has no doubt been in development for several years at this point and yet Rockstar Games has never said a word about it, other than confirming it exists.

There have been leaks, including one of the biggest hacking incidents in video game history, and yet still they’ve revealed relatively little, other than it’s probably set in Vice City and starts both a male and female lead.

However, through a combination of internet detective work and wishful thinking, fans have convinced themselves that an actor called Bryan ‘The Z Man’ Zampella plays the male lead in GTA 6 and he has been more than happy to play along with the theory.

It should be emphasised that he has never confirmed he’s in GTA 6 and there’s a good chance he’s just messing around and playing up to the fans.

However, he does know actor Shawn Fonteno, who plays Franklin in GTA 5, and the two have appeared in a strange Instagram short film that involves a briefcase with mysterious but apparently awe-inspiring contents.

Zampella’s character describes the contents of the briefcase as the ‘most power and dangerous thing that I’ve ever encountered,’ which fans have interpreted as being a reference of GTA 6.

At face value it’s just a homage to Pulp Fiction but the presence of Fonteno is certainly odd, especially as he does his Franklin voice when seeing the contents of the briefcase (which are not shown on-screen).

What exactly it all means is anyone’s guess but speaking of GTA 5 actors, Michael actor Ned Luke has been active on Twitter recently, given it’s the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 this week.

He replied to a fan talking about whether GTA 6 could beat the sales of GTA 5 by saying that, ‘Six will blow those numbers outta the water.’

As far as anyone knows he has no involvement in GTA 6 though, as he replied to fans saying that he should be in GTA Online by saying, ‘Don’t we all wish.’

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