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Cable Information Host Trolls ‘Shameless’ Ron DeSantis For ‘Cringe’ Marketing campaign Ending Specific Occasions

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“Tonight, we pour one out for you, Gov. Ron Catastrophe,” the host of Ayman mentioned, after dismissing DeSantis’ effort as “maybe the one most cringeworthy, disastrous GOP major displaying in fashionable American political historical past”.

Mohyeldin mentioned the governor then “shamelessly” endorsed Trump, who “spent a lot of the previous 12 months mocking, denigrating and humiliating Ron DeSantis”.

The MSNBC host performed a supercut of the “cringe” insults Trump directed at DeSantis: calling him “DeSanctimonious”, likening his awkward head actions to a “bobblehead doll” and accusing of him carrying “excessive heels,” or lifts in his footwear to look taller.

Mohyeldin additionally famous the “dozens of gaffes, the awkward exchanges, the uncomfortable smiles” that usually marked DeSantis’ occasions. He rolled a supercut video of a few of the governor’s marketing campaign moments that have been memorable for all of the flawed causes:

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