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Biden: ‘Massive Mistake’ for Israel to Occupy Gaza at This Level Specific Instances

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Sunday, throughout an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden voiced his opposition to Israeli occupation of Gaza within the wake of the Hamas terror assault on Israel.

Biden additionally referred to as for a “Palestinian state” when requested in regards to the elimination of Hamas.

Partial transcript as follows:

PELLEY: Would you assist Israeli occupation of Gaza at this level?

BIDEN: I believe it’d be an enormous mistake. Look, what occurred in Gaza, in my opinion, is Hamas and the intense parts of Hamas don’t characterize all of the Palestinian individuals. And I believe that…It could be a mistake to…for Israel to occupy…Gaza once more. We…however stepping into however taking out the extremists the Hezbollah is up north however Hamas down south. Is a needed requirement.

PELLEY: Do you consider that Hamas have to be eradicated solely?

BIDEN: Sure, I do. However there must be a Palestinian authority. There must be a path to a Palestinian state.

PELLEY: That path, referred to as “the 2 state answer,” has been U.S. coverage for many years. It could create an impartial nation subsequent to Israel for five million Palestinians who dwell in Gaza and on the West Financial institution of the Jordan River.

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